I've always had a creative spirit. After I stumbled upon a photography class in high school, I fell in love with this art of creating memories. I bought my first "big girl" camera in college and began a journey that has taken me places I never dreamed I'd be going. That camera has brought me out of the workforce funk and allowed me to live a life doing what I love. Now I am a little over ten years deep into running my own photography empire.

These days you'll probably find me driving around town with the windows down blasting some good ole 2000s classics with a lil treat from Dutch Bros in the cup holder. I tend to be a lipstick hoarder and have at least six different shades in my purse at all times. Mexican food is one-hundred percent my love language and I will never turn down a taco run. I have grown to love to cook and try out new recipes whenever I have the chance so please share your faves with me. The farmer's market is my favorite way to spend a Saturday morning and I leave with a fresh loaf of bread and  just about every trip. My houseplants are my pride and joy and I could spend hours in a garden nursery. I have a  Plott hound named Burt who is the sassiest, most demanding dog, but dang he's cute. He makes every single day an adventure with his wild child antics. For all you personality-type people I'm an Enneagram 3w4 and INFJ with a lil dash of neurospicy in my brain. Can't wait to get you know YOU!

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hey, i'm carly!

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A little about me...

Trends come and go, but my timeless style of documenting is good forever. Your kids and their kids will be looking back on these photos.

timeless memories

I'll capture those special moments as they happen. No need to stage a feeling, or fake a moment. Let it happen naturally. 

authentic storytelling

While we may initially meet as client and photographer, I promise we will go home feeling more like friends. Pinky swear.

genuine connection

My primary objective is to make sure you leave your session happy and look at your gallery ten times happier.

content clients

What matters most...


My lil family is my whole world. There is no place in the world i'd rather be than snuggled up at home with my husband and our Plott pup, Burt. We are big homebodies!


My absolute favorite food is tacos. Specifically Chuy's soft tacos, but I'm constantly on the hunt for a new taco spot to add to our rotation. Please share your fav with me!


I have proudly entered my coastal grandmother era. My days are spent baking bread, tending to my garden, and sipping herbal tea and streaming whatever series I'm fixated on.

and you should  probably know...

and you should         probably know...

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